Art and Fantasy Fiction

The drawing below is one I just finished for The Wolf of Burgundy, the first instalment of David Pilling’s excellent historical tale, The Half-Hanged Man, available on Amazon

Fantasy Fiction by Martin Bolton

Cover for The Half-Hanged Man 1: The Wolf of Burgundyavailable on Amazon.

Next to writing Fantasy Fiction, art is my biggest passion. Like writing, it calms me and fills a void within me which would otherwise be a vast, gaping hole. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, I wouldn’t even call it a hobby, but something which I simply must do or I would cease to be.

I started writing Fantasy Fiction about three years ago, when I met David Pilling at the Tate Library and Archive. The result was The Best Weapon, our first epic fantasy, which is now available from Musa Publishing. I have found that creating pictures in your head goes hand in hand with creating pictures on a piece of paper, so I am never short of inspiration. My writing inspires my art, and vice versa.

Nearly all my work is either ink or pencil. I like working in black and white. I find that dots can create a dream-like feeling and give me the freedom to give something an atmospheric touch. Pencil, however, is probably my favourite medium; the colour of graphite is unique. I love the warmth in a pencil drawing which is non-existent in the starkness of black ink on white paper.

You can see more of my artwork by visiting I have recently added a few new pieces and I’d be interested to hear what you think.


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