New Cover Art: The Half-Hanged Man 3: The Bull of Najera


Here is my latest piece of cover art. This is for my fantasy fiction co-writer, David Pilling’s latest historical fiction, the final book in the Half-Hanged Man trilogy. All three books are now available on Amazon (all three covers done by yours truly) and come highly recommended.

The Half-Hanged Man 3: Bull of Najera

The Half-Hanged Man 3: Bull of Najera

I am now working on a cover for Treason and Guile, another historical novel by David Pilling, that will be finished in a week. As for writing, I have another short story in the pipeline, for which I will of course be doing the cover art. The other big thing to look out for is the first part of the sequel to our epic fantasy fiction novel The Best Weapon (available now on Amazon). The sequel is called Sorrow, and will be available soon from Musa Publishing, more to come on that, including an excerpt, very soon. And, of course, The Peace of Elias is FREE on Amazon for one more day, so download it now!


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