New Cover Art – Treason and Guile: Book One by David Pilling

The image on the right is my latest cover art, in ink and watercolour, for Treason and Guile – the historical fiction by David Pilling. A brief synopsis is below.

Book One of ‘Treason and Guile’, a historical thriller set in England in the year 1266, during the rebellion of the Disinherited. The reformist and popular hero, Simon de Montfort, is dead, killed at the Battle of Evesham in the previous year. Civil war is renewed when Henry III disinherits De Montfort’s surviving followers.

Hugh Franklin, a stonemason’s son turned soldier, comes to the attention of the crown when he captures the Earl of Derby, De Montfort’s replacement as the leader of the rebels, at the Battle of Chesterfield. Recruited as a spy and dispatched to gather information on the rebels in the north, he falls foul of the savage northern baron, Sir John Deyville, and a beautiful Jewess…one of the bloodiest episodes in medieval English history staggers onto the page in a welter of furious battles, high politics, doomed romance and low cunning.”

I am now working on the first short story in my fantasy fiction series called The Warrior’s Path, set in The World Apparent (the fantasy world of The Best Weapon and The Peace of Elias). It is a series chronicling the adventures of Colken, the fierce Djanki warrior born in the steamy tropical jungle south of The Girdle Sea.

The Moment of Silence: A Warriors’s Path Story, will be available soon on Amazon, complete with cover art by yours truly. So stay alert!


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