Fantasy Shorts and Filthy Trousers

I’ve been a bit slack where blogging is concerned lately but I promise you I have been busy. I have been working on a fantasy short story called The Moment of Silence, which has been a challenge. I’ve mentioned before that I found short stories harder to write than novels and that is definitely still the case. I have spent much of my spare time on it and it is still nowhere near finished. Spare time though, has been hard to come by.Fantasy Fiction The Moment of Silence

Last weekend I was at the Green Man festival, which was four days of muddy boozing and hilarity. The weekend before that I was in Hastings for a wedding in the blazing sunshine with more free drink than you can shake a stick at. Naturally I got steaming drunk and sunburned my head. It doesn’t help that my hairline, for reasons known only to itself, has long been retreating from my face. Now I have to dry-clean my suit for the first time in ten years. I can’t even remember the weekend before that.

With the insanity of the summer coming to an end (hopefully) I intend to get down to business again and finish The Moment of Silence. That isn’t all I’ve been doing though. Oh no. This week my co-writer, David Pilling and I finished the second edit of Sorrow Part 1: The Ring of Steel, the first instalment of the sequel to our fantasy novel, The Best Weapon (which has yet more excellent reviews on Amazon). Needless to say, I am very excited. We’ve also seen the cover art, which I will soon post on this blog, and we were very pleased with it. Sorrow Part 1 is coming very soon from Musa Publishing.

I also have some new paints, which I will soon be breaking out to do my own cover art for The Moment of Silence, plus some other art which I’ll post as and when it spills from my brain.

The other exciting thing is The Mercy of God, the latest in David Pilling’s historical fiction series, The John Swale Chronicles, will be available to purchase on 09 September from Musa Publishing.

Right, I’m off to do the line edits for Sorrow Part 1. More news to come soon. Good evening!