New House, New Cover Art, Pneumonia

So we (my girlfriend and I) have moved out of our cramped one bed flat and into a three bed house. I can finally spread out a bit. I have my own study where I can write this nonsense and, more importantly, spill the rotten effluence which gathers in my brain and eventually becomes fantasy fiction. I also have enough room to do some artwork, such as the cover art you see to the right which I did for David Pilling’s historical saga, The White Hawk, set during the Wars of the Roses.

So I have spent the last couple of days pottering about and cursing the estate agent who charged us a small fortune but failed to ensure we had a working oven. Estate agents. The bastards. I have never met a single one who didn’t make me want to pin them down and file their eyeballs off. If I got my way I would round the fuckers up and cram them all into a pit with some angry wolverines, possibly after injecting them with a powerful hallucinogen just to make the experience extra terrifying. I mean, come on. An oven. It is very simple. Evil shits.

But I didn’t let that get me down. Not me. Oh no. It takes a lot more than that to get a man of my calibre down. I let the nagging pain in my ankles, knees and lungs get me down instead. In hindsight running to and from football knowing full well my joints are made of sand was a poorly thought out idea. Now I am hobbling around, groaning and gasping with every movement as though I’ve spent the last month in Kathy Bates’ attic. Not only that but my lungs seem to have decided they’re not all that keen on breathing any more. Fuck sake! A spot of rain and a bit of a fresh breeze and that’s it – no more breathing for me. I feel like I’m about a hundred.

Well, I’ll show the world. I’ll lock myself in my new study and write and draw and become enlightened. That’ll show ’em all. SHOW ‘EM ALL!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about stuff I’m doing! Brilliant idea! I’m still working on The Moment of Silence. It is getting longer, but that’s fine, you can’t rush these things. It was the same with The Peace of Elias, it took me ages. I’m not a fast worker. I like to mull things over, there’s no sense in rushing these things. I don’t like rushing, it angrys up the blood, and I have estate agents to do that for me. All in good time.

We (David Pilling and I) have finished the second edits on Sorrow Part 4: The Gelded Wolf, the next part in our epic fantasy series which is coming on 21 December from Musa Publishing. Sorrow Part 3: The House of Unkindness is available now so check it out if you haven’t already!

Enough! I am away to drink tea and swear at my limbs. I mean there’s epic fantasy afoot! (Rides into sunset on a massive lurcher)


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