New Cover Art: Robyn Hode by David Pilling

Historical Fiction Robyn Hode by David Pilling

Here is the artwork I just finished for David Pilling‘s historical fiction tale, Robyn Hode (I), which is available to purchase for kindle on Amazon. I had intended to paint it with black paint, possibly water colour, it was going to be stark monochrome. Unfortunately I buggered up the painting and couldn’t seem to achieve the effect I desired.

Following an extended bout of cursing and twenty minutes reading on the toilet to calm down, I went running back to my beloved pencils. It seems paint and I have a stormy relationship, occasionally producing some nice pieces of art, but often resulting in some harrowing disasters.

Pencils on the other hand, well, pencils do as they’re told so we get on better. So, despite my plans for a nice painting, I have produced this pencil drawing of the infamous hood and a dark woodland in the background. As it is Robin Hood (or Robyn Hode, as Pilling insists on calling him – see his blog to find out why), a greenish tinge seemed appropriate, and we’re quite pleased with the outcome.


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