The Best Weapon: A World Apparent Tale

Epic Fantasy The Best Weapon

The good news is the publishing contract for the first fantasy fiction novel I co-wrote with David Pilling has now expired. This means we are able to re-publish with a new cover and also make available on paperback.

The story is called The Best Weapon, and is set in a fantasy world created by myself and my co-writer, David Pilling. The world is known as The World Apparent. I think the following excerpt sums up well how this world works. This excerpt, however, is from another World Apparent Tale which we are still writing, so you’ll have to stay tuned to find out when it is finished.

“As I drift through and between the three planes of existence, each mirroring the last, I occasionally catch a glimpse of the void. The place that existed before even the physical realm of men. The infinite chasm beyond The World Apparent, with its endless dimensions and crushing, incalculable vastness. The contemplation of which would drive even the immortal minds of gods, themselves as young and minuscule as man’s basest desires, to eternal despair.

I shy away from such terrifying glimpses, not just through a healthy fear, but through a sense of preservation. To know the limits of one’s own consciousness is to resist the temptation to discover the ancient alien horrors that dwell in the abyss, beyond the physical plane and its spiritual parallels.

In stark contrast to the void are the lives of men, by their very nature trivial and temporary, even fleeting. Yet their lives are governed by powerful things: love and hate, hunger and greed, honour and pride. Emotions so powerful they drive men to incredible acts of strength and heroism, and despicable crimes of brutality and murder. So strong are the hearts and minds of men they unknowingly created the Celestial Sphere and the searing caverns of Hell. They dictate the course of events in the physical plane, known to gods, demons and men as The World Apparent. A world of chaos.”


The World Apparent

My inspiration for the story comes from my own personal struggle with anger and loss, and writing it has helped me come to terms with many things in my life.

The sequel, entitled The Path of Sorrow, will be released later this year. It was previously released as a serial entitled “Sorrow” but was originally written as a single novel. We are returning it to its natural state, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that soon.

In the meantime, The Best Weapon is available to pre-order now on Amazon, and will be released on 19 February 2015. Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

“Two young men, born on the same day on opposite ends of the world and into two vastly different cultures, are inexorably drawn together by forces outside their control or understanding.

As they come of age and face their own personal trials, they begin to become aware of their true identities. Driven by dark forces, their shared fate draws them on a journey to the centre of The World Apparent, where their enemies gather in wait.

As their world slides into war and chaos, they discover there is much more to The World Apparent than meets the eye, and glimpse the other worlds that lie beyond the physical plane. Created and manipulated by demonic forces, they must seize control of their destiny, conquer their fears, vanquish their enemies and prevent the very disaster they are supposed to bring about. But first they must learn that the power to do so lies within…”


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